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Cake Gem

Choose your desired colours when

Size - 4.5 inches

Please be delicate. Handle with care.

Easy to use, no assembly required.

Made with acrylic plastic, in a Food safe environment with no allergens.

Items should be handled with care. Please note that items are laser cut at a very high temperature and may have some residual laser dust and/or a strong smell. Items coming in contact with food/beverages should be hand rinsed in warm soapy water and allowed to air dry before use.


By purchasing any of our items you assume responsibility for supervising any child/children that my come in contact with this item. If an item is broken/chipped, etc. it may become a chocking or safety hazard. Therefore, should any injury or accident occur, My Sentiments, it’s affiliates or insurance company will NOT be held responsible. By purchasing our items, you have read all shop and listing policies and assume all responsibilities for supervising any child or children with our product.


These are NOT a toy

Not suitable for children

Do not use in Dishwasher

Keep in safe, dry place.

Double Layer Cake Gem!

Color Mirror Acrylic
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